British Columbia Desolation Sound

Grace Harbour, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Tuesday, September 27, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The upland lake in Grace Harbour.

Though much shorter than they were only a few weeks ago, the days seem longer and more difficult to fill.  Long gone are the hours spent lazing about in the kayaks exploring new anchorages, only to have been replaced with hiding out below decks from the wind and rain listening to the weather.

The wind was forecasted to die out this afternoon, but it hasn't and we're both growing tired from the noise and motion.  But it's not raining and it's warm enough that we don't need to run the heater for the second day in a row, not to mention that the solar panels are actually doing their part to recharge the batteries – they won't manage the entire job, but they will contribute their fair share.  And, at the very least, is some good news. 

In need of some fresh air and exercise, I went back to shore after lunch and hiked the trail to the lake while Sally and David stayed aboard.  In the lee of the wind, it was actually nice on land and I really enjoyed myself even though I only had a bear bell as company (annoying little thing).  There's some debris and a couple of newly fallen trees along the path from the wind, but it wasn't as muddy as I had expected and the walk was pleasant, even if the lake wasn't. 

Bill and Sylvia are leaving in the morning, so they came over for a farewell dinner.  It was a really nice evening topped off with the Northern Lights shimmering in the distance.  As we were saying good-bye on deck, we could see a glow in the northern sky, again, where no city exists.  After they left, we turned off the boat lights for a better view and went back on deck, but the lights were gone.  And then they were back again, suddenly and without warning, lighting up the Coast Mountains and dancing on the distant tree tops.  Not a multitude of colours like you see in so many photographs but, rather, a soft blue light flashing and glowing. It was incredible and so beautiful in a way I'd never experienced beauty before, raising goosebumps on my arms – sort of magical and mysterious ... other- worldly, if you will.  Never in my life did I expect to see the aurora borealis, though I had always wanted to, and there they were in full view from the safety and comfort of my home while sitting next to the man I love – how perfect is that?

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