British Columbia Desolation Sound

Grace Harbour, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Friday, September 23, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The first day of fall started off with a bang and fizzled out with rain as a deep low over northern Vancouver Island made its way south. 

The wind picked up about 9 o'clock last night and David was up, off and on, until three in the morning keeping an eye on Cambria and the other boats anchored around us.  It was blowing from different directions as it came down the hills and Cambria was all over the place, which can be very confusing in the dark of night.  But the protection is so good in Grace Harbour that he only saw about 15 knots on the wind meter and rippled seas.  Once again, I slept like a baby without a care in the world. 

It was a warm wind that blew steadily all day . . . a very warm wind.  And once the sun came out in the morning, it was down-right hot.  Unlike yesterday when we had the heater running all day.  I actually wore shorts and a tee-shirt up until the time we went to bed because the boat was still sitting at 70 degrees.

Bill and Sylvia brought hamburgers over and we had dinner together as the wind continued to blow wearing on all our nerves.  It finally settled down in the evening, but then the rain moved in . . . just about the time they were gong back to Salubrious

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