British Columbia Desolation Sound

Grace Harbour, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Saturday, September 24, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The Emmens eating apples fresh from the tree.

By nine o'clock this morning, the rest of the boats in the anchorage were gone leaving only Cambria and Salubrious behind – the others taking advantage of a lull in the weather before the next system comes through which promises to be "a repeat performance or worse".  The season's clearly coming to an end, but we'll stick it out a little longer – we did come all the way backup here, after all.

Over the past four days, we've seen a front, a low, another front and are preparing for the next front and low (998 and deepening) which is approaching Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island and moving north.  At this stage in the forecast, it looks like Wednesday before the weather settles again and we'll be able to move to another anchorage.  But one thing's for sure: we won't want to venture too far from the all-around protection of Grace Harbour.

With a lull in the weather and sun in the sky, we took a dinghy ride around the anchorage in the afternoon to get some fresh air. Thinking it would be nice for Sally as well, we drug her out of bed. Bill and Sylvia were onshore burning trash so we stopped by, but Sally, who's deathly afraid of fires, was being difficult so we didn't stay long and continued motoring along the edges of the anchorage stopping by a boat that had come in this afternoon to ask what the weather's been like outside of Grace.  They turned out to be a couple we'd met in Princess Louisa Inlet, Phil and Kate, a couple of years ago.  They had come from Prideaux Haven where it sounds like they had good protection but less sleep than we did in Grace Harbour. 

We went to shore again at the site of a collapsed cabin in a bay just off the channel leading to Grace Harbour.  Bill and Sylvia were there but, once again, Sally was a maniac, so we had to go. There were too many accidents waiting to happen with nails sticking out of boards and plenty of bear scat lying about the trails leading to the apple trees and blackberry bushes – it would be a great spot to camp out in the kayaks and wait for bear activity.  But with Sally being difficult, we called it an afternoon and went back to the boat.  We'd just have to be satisfied with what we got before the next round of weather moves in overnight.

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