British Columbia Desolation Sound

Grace Harbour, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Sunday, September 25, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The barometer dropped dramatically overnight . . . down to 993 Mb which explains the incredible pressure we felt in our heads before we went to bed.  It reminds me of our time in New Zealand.  Hardly a week would go by during the equinox that the barometer wouldn't take a dive.  Once again, the wind blew and it rained throughout the day and night, but all's well in Grace Harbour.

We're getting ready for the next bout of weather.  There's another deep low (970 Mb) with an intense trough embedded in it approaching the northwest of Vancouver Island that will be here tonight bringing storm force winds (50 knots) to the Strait of Georgia (north of Nanaimo) and Johnstone Strait.  If that sounds bad, areas of the west coast will see hurricane force winds ... for the third or fourth time in as many days.  According to the forecast, a high pressure system with a warm front will start moving in on Tuesday, but not before yet ANOTHER low enters the picture on Monday.  Feeling battered and beaten, we're looking forward to a few nice days so that we can escape the comfort and protection of Grace Harbour to enjoy some of the other anchorages in the area.

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