British Columbia Desolation Sound

Prideaux Haven, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Saturday, September 10, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

A beautiful, peaceful morning in Prideaux Haven.

While out on deck for his final smoke of the evening, David saw theNorthern Lights last night glowing faintly over the Coast Mountains, like a city off in the distance where none exists.  It wasn't until this morning when talking to Bill and Sylvia, who had seen the same thing, that he realized what the lights were.  And while they were talking about it, as if on cue, another boat passed by to ask if we had seen them as well – I really need to stay up later! 

Rick had a fuse holder on board which he gladly donated to the cause so David went over to Salubrious after lunch to install our spare regulator – the final step in the process of fixing their electrical problem which first surfaced over a month ago in Shoal Bay.  Sylvia was working on the bright work, so I put on my swimsuit and jumped in the kayak to paddle around and lie in the sun.  An hour or so later I heard their motor start up, so I came back.  It was fixed –once and for all (touch wood).  Hot and sweaty from their efforts, we all met up at the lagoon for a swim; but Sylvia wasn't the only one to take a pass today, David whimped out as well and opted for a hot shower rather than a cold swim.  Once again, Bill and I were the only ones to brave the chilly waters and our efforts were rewarded with a refreshing saltwater bath – a final taste of summer on a hot September afternoon ... what could be better?

Sally's on the mend and improving every day, that's what.  She actually got up and came out to see me for a minute or two this morning before going back to bed.  And when we came home from swimming, she was sitting by the steps wagging her tail to welcome us home –something we haven't seen for days.  But the best news is that her limp seems to be gone (barring another accident) and she should be ready for longer shore trips once we move over to Roscoe Bay in a couple of days. 

To top the day off, Bill and Sylvia came over for pizza night and we had a few drinks to celebrate David's success.  It may have taken awhile, but the job is finally complete and now when Salubrious moves through the water under engine power, their batteries will be recharging – something they don't think ever happened in the past. 

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