British Columbia Desolation Sound

Rebecca Spit Marine Park, Quadra Island

Tuesday, September 06, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

I can honestly say that I've never met a Canadian I didn't like . . . until last night.  What a jerk!  This guy actually had the nerve to complain about running our generators (Bill and Sylvia were running theirs as well) – as if it were any of his business!  From the deck of his boat, he and his wife yelled out, “turn it off!” among other things.  But even more astonishing, he paddled over to Salubrious while I was chatting with them after Sally's walk to continue the conversation.   It was surreal.  He actually had the nerve to tell me that we didn't need to run our generator because we have solar panels and a wind generator.   I ended up arguing with the idiot, but we all later agreed that we should have just assured him we weren't doing it for fun and they would be off within the hour, turned our backs, and gone inside.

The launch was gone when I woke up this morning.  Maybe they were embarrassed, but I doubt it.  He certainly didn't come across asbeing a reasonable man who would consider his behaviour inappropriate.  In fact, for most of the exchange, he was calm, cool and collected as if the encounter were everyday stuff.

We, that's Salubrious and Cambria, left Rebecca Spit in the afternoon and went over to Gorge Harbour for the night.  The alternator aboard Salubrious still isn't putting out a charge and David's concerned that the external regulator, a Next Step Two, was blown either from the initial problem or during the process of fixing it.  But that's an issue for another day.   We're here to do laundry – seven loads of it – so we can rid ourselves of people, for the most part, and move back into Desolation Sound Marine Park tomorrow.

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