British Columbia Desolation Sound

Rebecca Spit Marine Park, Quadra Island

Monday, September 05, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The view from the anchorage in Rebecca Spit.

It's been a busy holiday weekend.  Saturday morning, I took Sally to shore before we upped anchor and she wasn't doing as well as the day before with her paw.  She was quite stiff and her limp was worse, so we pulled out the medical book for pets we have aboard and looked up sprains for a possible treatment.   I know veterinarians don't like you to do this, but the book said that we could give her up to three doses of buffered aspirin.  So we did.

We arrived in Rebecca Spit around 2:30 pm, just in time to interrupt Salubrious' lunch.  They were happy to see us and came over for a cuppa once we were settled in.  We really have missed them and are glad we made the decision to come.

I took Sally to shore around 8 o'clock after two doses of aspirin.  Five minutes beforehand she was limping around the boat but was a different dog on land who wanted to explore the spit from one end to the other.  She wasn't very happy with me when I wouldn't let her do that and, literally, carried her back to the dinghy.   If there's one thing you can consistently say about Sally, it's that she's not interested in pleasing her people.   She's independent and strong-willed – two qualities you don't necessarily want in a dog –but, at the end of the day, she loves us and that's enough.

Sunday afternoon, David, Sylvia and I took the kayaks out and paddled along the shoreline to look at all of the things people have made out of driftwood – rafts, tables, staircases, forts.  They actually come armed with hammers and nails so their creations will stay around for years – and they do, providing they don't float away.  The spit was packed with people making the most of the last holiday weekend for awhile.  A ski boat buzzed in and out of the anchorage rocking boats and came too close us and others, and we were all glad when things quieted down in the evening and we could enjoy dinner together aboard Cambria.

David and Bill spent most of this afternoon working on his electrical system.  It seems David was right all along – there isn't a ground from the alternator to the engine and it's a miracle they didn't have an issue earlier … or burn down to the water line.  Because they lost one of their house batteries in the process (couldn't keep it charged), the guys were able to scavenge cables from it and, by moving others around, created a ground.  And just like that, the problem was solved … or was it.

Sally's doing much better today and her limp is completely gone, so we don'thave to worry about taking her to a vet and can move on in the morning.  I'm afraid our next destination isn't too exciting or original: it's back to Gorge Harbour to do, you guessed it, laundry!  And, with their electrical issue resolved, Bill and Sylvia are coming with us.

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