British Columbia Desolation Sound

Grace Harbour, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Tuesday, October 04, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

After raining all night, we woke to dark skies and 999 MB on the barometer this morning which means the next weather system has finally arrived.  It dropped to a low of 995 MB in the afternoon and we could hear the wind howling in the outer waters but saw very little impact in GraceHarbour, which is an ideal weather hideout.  It's no wonder thousands of First Nations made this their winter home over the years.

When I took Sally to shore this morning, I discovered two fresh (within 24 hours) piles of bear scat near the crab apple tree where we land the dinghy and she enjoys sniffing around.  She wasn't nervous or concerned which means the bear wasn't in the area but, knowing that she'd make a tasty meal, I was.  Unfortunately, it's the best option for shoring the dog, so we'll have to tough it out until we leave tomorrow. 

The rain moved out for a few hours in the afternoon and we went over to NiSa to visit with Rod and Sandra, the couple from Powell River that we met in Prideaux Haven, who are also anchored here in the final days of their trip. They're a lovely couple whose company we enjoy, so we'll have to do what we can to cross paths with them next year.  And their dog, Buddy, is a real treat.  Unlike Sally, who's never been one for fun and games, he revelled in our attention and was happy to entertain us the entire time we were there.  It's tempting to stick around to spend more time with them, but if we miss this weather window we could be here another week or more.  And neither David nor I want to do that.

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