Poulsbo Puget Sound

Orcas Island to Poulbso

Saturday, October 30, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

We got up Thursday morning and set about our regular complement of chores – taking Sally for a walk, checking the weather, etc. –before upping anchor and making way for Orcas Island.

David had spoken to Bill a couple of times by phone and they were going to meet us in West Sound shortly after lunch.  Which they did.  We had a nice visit aboard catching up on happenings from the past few weeks before going to their house for a lovely dinner – a really nice way to end our stay in the islands.

We left West Sound Friday morning at 9 am and arrived in Port Ludlow around 4:30 pm.   It'd been a long day, but a good one.  Our passage across the Strait of Juan de Fuca was uneventful – just the way we like them – and when we pulled into Port Ludlow, our last stop for the season, it was difficult not to be a little disappointed.   But, as David quickly reminded me, it'd been a great season.  And it had!

Saturday, if you were to believe the forecast, was the last day of settled weather before the next series of lows moved through the area.  According to NOAA, if we didn't leave Port Ludlow then, it'd be another week before we were able to.  Of course, they got it wrong, or at least somewhat incorrect.  The next system moved in sooner than predicted and we had rain showers and higher wind speeds than expected along the way resulting in one of the worst passages of the year, which isn't saying much because all of our passages had been good. The most stressful moment of the trip came when we were preparing to go under the Agate Pass Bridge.  Under normal conditions (mean high water), we have three to five feet of clearance.   It was likely closer to two on this day; and as we were approaching, a launch passed us on our starboard side at a high speed making a significant wake – one that could have lifted us high enough to hit the bridge had we not aborted.  After cursing the so-called “skipper”of the other vessel and waiting for the wake to subside, we made it under the bridge and one step closer to Poulsbo.

When we arrived, we pulled up to the fuel dock to fill the tanks before settling in to our winter berth and were soon greeted by Jonathan aboard Judy II followed by Al and Becca from Halona.  It was cold, grey and wet just like our moods but, even still, it was great to see familiar faces again and to be welcomed back.

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