British Columbia Pender Harbour

Pender Harbour, BC

Wednesday, October 05, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Pender Habour.

We upped anchor at 9:00 am waving good-bye to Rod and Sandra and were on our way.  As we motored out of Malaspina Inlet and the Coast Rangecame into view, wecould see that it had snowed overnight confirming the fact that we're too far north and it's time to move south.  It was along day made even longer by overcast skies and occasional showers, but we found a nice one knot push in a back eddy which kept the trip to just under six hours.

I took Sally to shore in Maidera Park, our first walk in days without the concern of foraging bears around every corner, where I could see that she's clearly still labouring with her right paw which she sprained about five weeks ago.  Although in excellent shape for a fifteen year-old dog, her health is becoming a great concern for us.  But when a human sprains an ankle, it can take six to eight weeks to heal so we're trying to be patient and not overreact.

We went to the Garden Bay Pub for dinner and visited with our favourite waitress, Joyce, before going home and straight home to bed.  David asked me an interesting question on the way back to the boat ... Did you ever think your local pub would be located in Pender Harbour, BC?  After digesting the full meaning of his question, the answer would clearly be no.  But, somehow or another, it is.

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