British Columbia the Gulf Islands

Port Browning, North Pender Island

Saturday, October 29, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Sally playing on the 3000 year-old midden beach in Montague Harbour.

Our time in Montague Harbour was short, but sweet.   And although the barometer dropped from 1025 MB down to 1011 MB, the only “weather” we saw was some rain Friday morning giving Sally and me plenty of opportunities to explore the beaches and trails in the park before upping anchor and travelling the fourteen nautical miles south to Port Browning on North Pender Island – our final Canadian anchorage for this year.

Aside from its convenient location that sets us up nicely for checking back into the US, there's nothing special about Port Browning.  It's a fairly nondescript anchorage with a small grocery store within a short walk and an older marina that houses the local pub at the head of the bay, but we'll stay until Monday while we wait for the next round of weather to move through. The forecast is calling for another front, a ridge, a front and a ridge to hit the area (one every eighteen hours) starting sometime overnight but, for now, it's nice.

Once the weather clears, we'll cross the border and check back into the United States.  Neither one of us is ready, but we don't have much choice in the matter as we're spending more time hiding from the weather than we are enjoying it – the season is clearly over and it's time to tie up and plug in.

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