British Columbia False Creek

Vancouver, BC

Saturday, October 08, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

Granville Island Market.

My Vancouver wildlife experience wasn't nearly as exciting as those we had just a week ago in Desolation Sound.  We dinghied over to Granville Island to walk around the public market, one similar to Pike's in Seattle, in hopesof finding an information centre and a tobacconist.  David was emptying his one remaining pipe (having lost the other one in Port Townsend at the beginning of the season) when the stem fell off and straight into the water.  Striking out on both counts, we bought a couple of slices of pizza and went outside to sit along the seawall to eat them.  I was about half way through mine and getting ready to take another bite when a determined seagull flew by grabbing the slice in its beak and pulling it out of my hand in the process. I couldn't believe it and sat there for a while looking around trying to digest what had just happened.  Frankly, I'm lucky it didn't take my finger off. 

We crossed False Creek and walked up to Yaletown where we someone had told us there was a pipe shop.  David was getting cranky without his tobacco and we had to act fast.  After a fashion, we found it along with a sports bar airing the Ireland versus Wales quarter final matchin the Rugby World Cup which is being played out in New Zealand.  We caught the final 15 minutes before walking back to the dock and dinging home where we were greeted by a splattering of bird droppings– probably the same gull who stole my pizza (I hope the pepperonigives it indigestion).  Bloody things!

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