Poulsbo The Final Count

The Final Count

Saturday, November 05, 2011S.V. CAMBRIA

The view from our aft deck.

Our final days on the water were spent quietly waiting out another series of fronts and ridges to pass through the area before checking back into the US and making our way across the Strait of Juan de Fuca and into Puget Sound, our winter home.

It was a magical season and we're both sad to see it come to an end but, after 184 incredible days on the water, it was time and we knew it.  So here we are, tied up in a marina, feeling the pain of being imprisoned.   We know it'll pass.   It always does.  But the first weeks are always the most difficult.

We have a lot of work to do before we can think about packing the truck and leaving for the holidays:   The boat needs to be brokendown, section by section, checked for mildew, cleaned and dried out.  Things need to be unpacked and packed.  The truck needs to be repaired so we can open the tailgate.   And friends need to be seen.  But for now we're just trying to get our feet back on the ground and re-adjust to “land-life”.

The Final Count
  • Days on the water:  184
  • Miles travelled:  1220 nm
  • Anchorages:  67(some more than once)
  • Diesel Consumed:  222 gallons
  • Engine Hours:  238 (30 of which made 600 gallons of fresh water)
  • Petrol Consumed:  100 gallons (158 generator hours and outboard motor)
  • Solar Panels:  13,226 amp hours (178 kwh) saving approximately 330 hours on the engine and 300 gallons of diesel ($1200 – $1500)

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