Chiricahua National Monument

Monday, March 12, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Chiricahua National Monument

We’re losing track of the days nicely now and are falling more and more in love with Chiricahua with each passing moment.  Yes.  It was windy and cold (not an unexpected result when you plan early spring camping trips at elevation – 5,100 feet) but it’s so beautiful here – peaceful and quiet – that what was lacking in the weather was more than made up for in scenery.

Chiricahua National Monument turns out to be one of the National Park Service’s best kept secrets and treasures.  There’s an eight mile scenic drive that leads to Massai Point where there’s a short trail through some of the rock formations and spectacular views down into the canyon, not to mention seventeen miles of trails that lead through the canyon floor.

David’s not a hiker (he just can’t seem to see the point) but he did happily walk along the trail at Massai Point and to the Grottos at Echo Canyon the other day.  We attempted another hike this afternoon to a natural bridge which would have been five miles, but it was already too hot. That’s right!  The weather has finally turned and, even though it’s still cold at night, the days are warming upnicely.

But most of our time here has been spent lingering around the campsite enjoying the occasional company of our neighbours, David and Mary, taking in the spectacular view.  And even though we feel more at home on the water, I think we could get used to this. 

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