Chiricahua National Monument

Thursday, March 08, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Bonita Canyon

We drove on to Arizona in hopes of better weather but it was the same, so we spent another night in a motel where we could take a look at the local forecast.  It appears we’ve landed directly in the middle of a squash zone (a high to the northwest and a low to the southeast) which explains all of the wind.  But things are improving, so we drove to Chiricahua (cheer – ee – cowa) National Monument in southern Arizona for some camping in Bonita Canyon, which lives up to its name.

After setting up camp our neighbours came by to introduce themselves and share a brandy.  David and Mary (thankfully) are NOT gun-toting lunatics but, rather, octogenarians from Oregon who just happen to own a twenty-two foot Westerly.  I’m sure we have many more things in common that we’ll discover over the next few days, but until then, stopping by to say hello was a lovely gesture on their part and a really nice way for us to start our first trip since the “incident”.

It’s going to be cold again tonight but it should start getting warmer tomorrow, so we may actually survive camping after all!  At the very least, things are looking up. 

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