Poulsbo Puget Sound

Poulsbo, Washington

Tuesday, May 01, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Today’s moving day!  I really didn’t think we’d make it and, in all honesty, we were a little late with our departure (the last of the winter live-aboards off the dock).  But we managed to drop our lines by one o’clock after running around all morning finishing up last minute things and are now officially at anchor – the 2012 cruising season has begun!

Our final days on the dock were a blur of activity, especially for David, to get the dinghy finished, which is now patched, painted and looks as good as new – or as good as a ten year-old dinghy can.  It won’t last long.  The minute I take Sally on her first trip to shore, all of his hard work will begin to fade beneath dozens of scratch marks.  But for now, she looks great!

We still have several things we need to take care of before we can start moving north – buy a new generator, finish provisioning, do laundry, store the truck, say our good-byes, etc. – so we’ll stay anchored in Liberty Bay for another week which will give us and the boat a chance to get used to life at anchor before we take our next step. 

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