British Columbia Desolation Sound

Prideaux Haven, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Friday, June 29, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

David enjoying the view as we kayak around Prideaux Haven

The week began beautifully as the barometer rose, leaving behind sunny skies and warm days which were easy to fill.  For the most part, we kept to ourselves and enjoyed paddling around the many coves and islets exploring areas of the parks we’d yet to discover.  By Monday it was hot and the kids were in the water swimming around their boats.  It was tempting for adults as well, at least for this adult, but 65° F water isn’t necessarily my cup of tea.  Kayaking, however, is.  So we stuck to that.

But all good things must come to an end, particularly in the realm of weather and, by Thursday morning, the rain had moved back in.  Every now and again, rainy days are a good excuse to do absolutely nothing.  It’s only when you have several in a row that things start to get difficult … especially when you have a dog aboard.   

By this afternoon, I had to get off the boat, so I decided to dinghy down to Laura Cove and hike alongt he trail to Melanie Cove to help clear out the cobwebs.  Most trails in this area are blazed by bears or loggers, but this one is unique in that it was forged by two “hermits”, Mike Shutter and Phil Lavigne more than one hundred years ago.  For me, there’s something special about walking in the same footsteps as someone who made their own way in this world.  It’s something I understand, that I can connect with.  And thanks to the weather, I had the trail to myself and was able to walk away some of my restlessness before going back to the boat where I found David, who rarely seems to suffer from the same affliction, taking an afternoon nap.

It’s always a little difficult to say good-bye, but it's time for us to leave Prideaux Haven.  The Coast Mountains are holding the inclement weather in place so, come hell or high water, we’ll up anchor tomorrow and move closer to Vancouver Island where we hope to find better weather and to set ourselves up for the next stage of our journey – The Discovery Islands. 

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