British Columbia The Central Coast

Codville Lagoon Marine Park

Sunday, July 22, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

A natural landslide in Codville Lagoon Marine Park

We left Sea Otter Inlet this morning and travelled north along Fitz Hugh Sound making way for the mouth of Fisher Channel.  Along the way, we passed another milestone …52.00.00° N, our highest latitude yet. 

Though not our ultimate destination, Codville Lagoon on King Island is a convenient stopover on our way to Eucott Bay, which is.  The entrance to the lagoon is through a rocky, narrow channel and, if you’re not paying attention to the chart, it’d be easy to pass by without ever having realized that such a good anchorage lies just inside. 

Once through the entrance, the lagoon opens up into a large, saltwater “lake” dotted with golden moss-covered islets and islands and surrounded by old-growth cedar.  Most of the lagoon is too deep for anchoring, so we had to tuck in behind Codville Island where we were later joined by two other boats.  But even with others here, it was peaceful and beautifully quiet.  We’ve quickly come to realize that unlike other cruising destinations, from the San Juan Islands to the Broughtons, people aren’t here to socialize.  They’re here to enjoy the beautyof nature … and to fish.  Which suits us just fine. 

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