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Fifer Cove, Princess Royal Island

Sunday, August 12, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Fifer Cove, Princess Royal Island

We gave Pine Creek in Bay of Plenty another try yesterday, or at least I did.  I spent much of the afternoon paddling around the bay in my kayak in hopes of catching a glimpse of the elusive spirit bear, but it wasn’t meant to be.  Not there, anyway.  So we upped anchor this morning and moved four nautical miles up-inlet to Fifer Cove, a beautiful spot with a creek which leads to a lake and has B•E•A•R written all over it. 

Shortly after dropping anchor, we launched the kayaks and went to the mouth of the creek.  Unfortunately, there was no possible way to reach the lake without going ashore and putting ourselves into a vulnerable position, so we sat and watched.  There was a dead salmon lying on the rock and I was a somewhat optimistic that we’d see a bear, but it not this trip – it’s still too early in the season.  And even though it was the sole reason we came to Laredo Inlet, we weren’t disappointed.  These things happen in their own time and when they do, the experience is well-worth the wait. 

But that’s not what today is really about.  Since 1986, the 12th of August has been a very important date to me.  It was on this day, twenty-six years ago, that my nephew, Steven Michael Wittrig, was born.  Ten years later, Sally entered the picture.  And three years after that, David and I officially began our lives together. 

Sixteen years is an amazing accomplishment for a dog and real cause for celebration, as is a relationship that’s managed to survive 13 years.  But Steven Michael is no longer here for us to wish “happy birthday”, so it comes as no surprise that what should be a great day is bittersweet – we just miss him so much.  So it was a quiet day but, because Sally won’t have many more birthdays in the future, we did have a “cake” for her complete with candles and hats.  Not that she cared.  She didn’t.  But simply because sometimes it helps just to be silly. 

So … Happy “Sweet 16”, Sally.  Happy Anniversary, D.  And Happy Birthday, Steven Michael … you are forever in our hearts.

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