British Columbia The Central Coast

Rescue Bay, Matheson Channel

Friday, August 03, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Mathieson Channel -- The road to Fiordland

It was foggy in the channel this morning but finally cleared before we had to leave Wigham Cove to reach Perceval Narrows, the main route into Mathieson Channel, near slack tide.

The narrows look a bit daunting on the chart but were much easier to transit than they appeared, especially in calm conditions.  Our biggest obstacle turned out to be a large area of flotsam and debris floating in the center of the channel for miles.  We’d never seen anything like it before and were amazed that we manage to avoid it all.  But we did. 

We arrived in Rescue Bay just before four o’clock, joining a few other boats for the night.  Again, there’s nothing special about Rescue Bay; it’s just a stop along the way.  But it was another bright and sunny day and I was anxious to absorb some Vitamin D, so I launched my kayak and paddled around for an hour or so.  David joined me later.

The surrounding landscape is low leaving the anchorage in full sunlight until late in the day.  And what a hot day it was!  The boat was still 82°F at 8:00 pm, so we sat on the deck until late in the evening to cool off, something we never expected to have to do at such high latitudes. 

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