British Columbia Desolation Sound

Walsh Cove, West Redonda Island

Sunday, August 26, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Walsh Cove Provincial Marine Park (left).

We left Shoal Bay late yesterday morning to hit slack tide through the final set of three rapids, Dent, Gillard and Yuculta, and made our way to Walsh Cove Marine Park along Waddington Channel for a few days of rest and relaxation. 

I chose Walsh because it’s a nice place to kayak and relatively quiet compared to other Desolation Sound anchorages but forgot that it’s deeper water which will make hauling the anchor more difficult for the windlass.  The charts show 10 metres (33 feet) in areas but, in reality, it’s more like 25 (83 feet).  Our other option was to go down to nearby Roscoe Bay where the water’s more shallow, but it always seems to rain when we’re there.  It’ll probably rain anyway, but there’s no sense in tempting Mother Nature.  So we bit the bullet and dropped the hook.

While we had a cell phone signal, I sent a text to Jeff and Karry.  We’ll be meeting them this week and are really excited to spend some time together on the water after so many years of their searching for a boat.  It sounds like they’re several days behind us and won’t reach Desolation Sound until Tuesday or Wednesday, which works well for us.  Right now we’re too tired to socialize and really need to catch up on some sleep – something that’s difficult to do when you’re tied to a dock. 

The barometer fell significantly over the last 30 hours – from 1019 MB to 1005 MB – and the current forecast is like a jumble sale: a little bit of everything all over the place – a dissipating trough, a ridge, a low pressure system.  But it should begin to clear by Wednesday which leaves us to do absolutely nothing over the next couple of days, just what the doctor ordered! 

At this point in the season, we’ve travelled close to 1300 nautical miles and are ready to just sit and relax for a few days.  But that didn’t last long.  Before I knew it, David was in one of the bilge compartments installing a preliminary filter to the intake valve for the water maker which compelled me to polish the stainless steel in the cockpit and clean some of the plastic clears in the process.  So much for a little bit of R & R.   

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