British Columbia The Central Coast

Wigham Cove, Yeo Island

Thursday, August 02, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

The mountains catching the clouds along Return Channel

It rained again yesterday and the wind was blowing from the south, so we stayed in Boukind Bay one more night before moving on this morning. 

The wind is forecasted to come from the northwest today and the barometer has risen to 1022 MB, signs of improving weather.  Coupled with the fact that we woke up to sunshine and pieces of blue sky, something we haven’t seen for days, means that this could finally be it – the clearing weather we’ve been waiting for since arriving in Boukind Bay on Saturday. 

We left the anchorage and motored south along Florence Peninsula where the densely wooded range is much lower and less impressive than inside Roscoe Inlet but, as David said, they’re high enough to catch the clouds.  And they are.  It’s all just a matter of perspective, I suppose.   

From the inlet, we turned north into Return Channel which leads to our next anchorage, Wigham Cove, on the southern end of Yeo Island.  There’s nothing special about Wigham Cove other than it offers the best protection in the area, and that protection comes at a price – other boats.  But it serves its purpose, a good jumping point to enter Mathieson Channel – the road to Fiordland.

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