British Columbia Desolation Sound

Carrington Bay, Cortes Island

Thursday, September 20, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Ebb tide at the lagoon entrance in Carrington Bay.

Rick, Gerri Lee and Morgan were only out for a couple of nights, so we left Rebecca Spit yesterday and travelled north along Sutil Channel to Carrington Bay in Cortes Island, a new anchorage for all of us. 

It’s exposed to the prevailing northwesterly winds so it’s not a place we would have chosen ourselves, which is a real shame because we’ve been missing out.  Not only is quiet, with only three other boats sharing the large bay, but there’s so much to do here.  The rapids protecting the entrance to the lagoon located at the head of the bay are worth the visit alone.  Add the well-maintained hiking trails and campsites for me and Sally to explore, and you have a real winner.  Not to mention the fact that Carrington Bay is purely Cortes:  It’s beautiful, quirky, eccentric, natural, and off the beaten path all at the same time. 

Apart from its sheltered lagoon and recreational park land, Carrington is best known for its annual rave.  Every summer, hundreds of people converge on the area by boat and by trail (there are no roads leading into the park) to spend the weekend reliving Woodstock at some basic level – locals have even built a permanent stage for the performers and their equipment.  And even though we’d hate to be in the middle of such a large crowd, it would be something to see.

After another great evening together, this time aboard About Time where Rick served up fresh oysters hot off the grill and Gerri Lee held another massage therapy session for David’s shoulder, they went back to Campbell River this afternoon.  From now on, we’re alone:  The last ones standing. 

The weather’s still good, but there are some southeasterlies in the forecast, so we’ll be leaving tomorrow in search of better protection.  But, at this stage in the game, neither one of us is excited about moving and have no idea where that might be.

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