British Columbia Desolation Sound

Isabel Bay, Desolation Sound Marine Park

Thursday, September 06, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Enjoying the view in Isabel Bay.

Located within the boundaries of Desolation Sound Marine Park, Isabel Bay is a lovely spot just off Lancelot Inlet with a quiet, peaceful aspect.  Too peaceful.  At least on a warm day like today when any breeze would be welcomed, regardless of how slight. 

Our only chance to cool off was in the kayaks, lounging along the shaded shoreline and dipping our feet into the cold water.  I had hoped to add a hike to my list of today’s activities; but when I took Sally to the trail head this morning, I could smell the strong scent of animal urine and saw small piles of scat along with scratching.  Though the scat wasn’t fresh, the urine was and that was all it took to keep me away.  So kayaking it was.

A couple from one of the two boats tucked in behind the Madge Islets stopped by on their way out to fish and invited us over for drinks.  I was personally shocked that David would accept an invitation on the final night ofthe Democratic Convention; but he had, so after we listened to Gabby Giffords lead the Pledge of Allegiance with child-like enthusiasm and recomposed ourselves, we were off to Lady Ellen for, what turned out to be, a wonderful evening. 

We were home in time for the end of Joe Biden’s speech and dinner was on the table by the time Obama took the stage.  What a remarkable night and impressive convention overall!  I felt proud to be a Democrat … like it meant something again … like the party was speaking for me … that I had a voice.  I’ve been walking this earth long enough to know that’s exactly what the goal of the convention was.  But it worked.  I’m in. And so is David.

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