British Columbia Desolation Sound

Rebecca Spit Marine Park, Quadra Island

Tuesday, September 11, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Rebecca Spit Marine Park

Jeff and Karry left for Rebecca Spit yesterday morning while we stayed in Gorge Harbour for two reasons:  (1) the weather was still a little unsettled and Rebecca Spit is somewhat exposed, and (2) David was in a considerable amount of pain and wanted to make a couple of trips to the hot tub throughout the day. 

He woke up feeling better this morning, so we left Gorge Harbour by nine and arrived in Rebecca Spit an hour and a half later to spend our final day together.  By the time we got here, his shoulder and neck had fatigued and he was in pain, but he sucked it up and came with me and Sally to shore where we walked around some of the trails with Jeff and Karry.

Rebecca Spit is one of British Columbia's oldest and most popular marine parks, and for good reason.  It's quintessentially Pacific Northwest with rocky beaches piled high with weathered logs that have found their way here in storms and trails that travel one end of the spit to the other through the protection of evergreen trees.  Sally loves it here – I’m convinced it’s her favourite place – and can spend hours onshore exploring, which explains her disdain when we cut the walk short and piled her back into the dinghy.  But David needed a break, even if she didn’t. 

He laid down and rested most of the afternoon while I wasted time online, trying to be quiet so he could sleep.  When he got up later, he felt much better and was ready for one last evening with the Bices.  We all had a really good time and tried our best to talk them into staying another day, but they’re ready to go home.  We’re sorry to see them leave Desolation Sound so quickly, a place we’ve come to call home ourselves, but understand the desire to move south – something I’m sure we’ll be ready to do after a few more days like Sunday.  But for now, the forecast is calling for good weather with no end in sight, so here we are!  

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