the Inside Passage the San Juan Islands

Reid Harbor, Stuart Island

Saturday, October 27, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Turn Point Lighthouse, Stuart Island.

We checked back into the US on Monday and, for once, had a good experience where neither one of us was threatened with the loss of life, liberty or boat.  It helped that we were on our best behaviour, having learned a thing or two from past experiences, but the officer who helped us recently transferred from the Tijuana border where she was stationed for 15 years.  Needless to say, she was very happy about the change and that reflected in her work.

After spending one night in Friday Harbor (which was more than enough), we moved to Stuart Island to wait for the crew of Sarita who arrived Wednesday afternoon.  The weather cleared enough on Thursday that Richard, Jude, Katya and I were able to take a walk to Turn Point Light.  David, who loathes physical exercise and is still suffering from shoulder pain, stayed at home but was able to join everyone later that night for dinner and another game of Risk.  Sadly, his quest for continued world domination will have to wait; Richard emerged victorious this time around.  And, before we knew it, two days had fallen off the calendar and they were on their way back to Anacortes.    

For the most part, the days since leaving Desolation Sound have been more and more difficult to fill.  The weather has been wet, cold,and dreary for weeks now and we’ve spent most of our time hunkered down below with the heater running.  The forecast is for a warming trend that will bring us back to average temperatures for this time of year, but it’s slow in coming and we’re both ready to return to Poulsbo to plug in for the winter.  But before we do, we want to visit our friends, Bill and Sylvia Emmens.  This is the first season since we’ve been in the Pacific Northwest that we haven’t spent time together at anchor and we’ve really missed their company, so tomorrow we’ll make way for our final destination of the season:  West Sound on Orcas Island.

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