British Columbia Desolation Sound

Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island

Wednesday, October 03, 2012S.V. CAMBRIA

Tied to the Government Dock in Squirrel Cove.

The first of October has arrived, a time we’re normally discussing moving south, if we haven’t started already.  But with the continued beautiful weather, all we’re thinking about is getting to Squirrel Cove for fresh milk and pipe tobacco.  David believes we can live without both, but I would hate to be around if he didn’t have any milk for his tea and he’s seriously crazy if he thinks I want to endure nicotine withdrawal AGAIN.  He’s a lovely man most of the time, but when he’s cranky – watch out!  So Squirrel Cove it was. 

Richard, Jude and Katya are on their way back to Washington and left around eight this morning.  We were sorry to see them go,but it’s something we’ll have to consider doing ourselves as well:  The days are getting shorter and colder.  David’s shoulder is still an issue.  And I keep thinking about spending time in Kansas with the family … and off the boat.  All signs of a season that is quickly coming to an end. 

We were slower to get moving this morning and didn’t cross the bar until ten o’clock before motoring over to Squirrel Cove and tying up to the government dock for an hour or so while I took Sally for a walk and went to the store to pick up a few essentials to see us through the next week or two – Coke, eggs, milk, sugar and most importantly, a packet of pipe tobacco.  Needless to say, Squirrel Cove, which has never held much appeal to either of us because hundreds of boats flock to its shores during the summer, has gone up a notch or two in my estimation.

The trip over to Squirrel tired David out and he was clearly in a lot of pain, so he went down below to get more comfortable while we motored along in 1.2 knots of breeze.  Resting helped and by the time he got up he felt much better and took over the helm just in time to slowly go through the rocky, shallow entrance.  We were pleasantly surprised to find the anchorage completely empty; so we took our favourite spot, looking out to Mount Denman and the Coastal Mountains, and made ourselves at home. 

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