Living Aboard a Boat

Happy Anniversary!

Friday, April 09, 2010S.V. CAMBRIA

Five years ago today, we stood on top of a hill overlooking the Hauraki Gulf and exchanged wedding vows in a simple, but beautiful, ceremony making the 9th of April one of our favourite days. I can't tell you what finally prompted the decision to make our relationship“official”; but I like to joke that within weeks of my finally agreeing to give up my maiden name, we were married.

Most people wonder how we manage to live in such a small space twenty-four hours a day with no real escape.  It's true that we live under a microscope where annoying little habits can be magnified, but there are times that our lives are in each other's hands and there's just no room on the boat (literally) for excess baggage. That's not to say that our lives are without difficulties. We have the same issues and blow-outs as every married couple, but animosity is a luxury we can't afford.  It helps that over the years we've learned a sort of dance –a give and take – where we're able move and glide around each other without much thought or interruption and have found ways to spend time alone even when we're sitting two feet away from each other.  But it all really boils down to just one thing: when you've chosen the right person, it's easy.  And David makes it easy.

Happy Anniversary, d.  I love you!

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