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Sum It Up Sunday: Another Week in Review

Sunday, February 16, 2014S.V. CAMBRIA

We’ve been back on the boat for three weeks now with little to show for it, but these things take time . . . especially for us. 

We have, however, been getting our ducks in a row for the jobs we hope to tackle next week: installing a new battery bank (house and starter) and re-adhering our sagging headliner (a job neither of us is too keen to begin).  

The batteries have been ordered and should arrive on Thursday.  And we have all the lights for the Mosaic/headliner project.  We made an attempt to start working on it yesterday, but that involved more standing around, head scratching and running around to find the right tools for the job than any actual work.  In fact, the headliner looks exactly the same as it did before we started.  But David assures me it was a productive day and that he has a plan. 

David’s been working diligently on a new blog about 12 volt refrigeration for the website.  Well, a multi-part article is a more accurate description – it currently comes in at 8,000 words.  He also managed to hit a post in the parking lot while backing up, but I don’t think he considers that to be a “highlight”:  The bumper’s twisted and the bed of the truck is buckled on the passenger side.  It’s the fifth time in six years that the truck’s suffered damage and we think it’s time to consider selling it . . . after it’s fixed. 

For me it’s been the usual: laundry, groceries, cooking, cleaning, dog walking.  With a bit of fun thrown in: trips to the beach, hikes with Sally in the park, knitting, writing, Facebooking (is that a word?), watching David agonize over his blog and, of course, watching the Wichita State University (my alma mater) men’s basketball team play online as I cheer them on.

Sally’s doing a little bit better each day.  She’s starting to get a little spring back in her step and some of her personality quirks are showing themselves again, which has been amazing to see.  Part of the success, surely, has to do with a supplement called Senilife that we added to her daily diet a couple of weeks ago.  And while it seems to have helped with alertness and appetite, Sally still roams the boat a few nights a week so it’s not ticking all the boxes.  Not yet anyway.  Keeping her engaged and stimulated in any way that we can think of seems to do the most good.  We still have a way to go, but life’s a lot more manageable now . . . for all of us.

One of the benefits of Kingston is that we're closer to Point No Point Lighthouse and beach.

Sally exploring a driftwood hut on the beach.

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