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Sum It Up Sunday: 18 Days and Counting!

Sunday, April 13, 2014S.V. CAMBRIA

Things are starting to look up weather-wise!
It’s that time of year again.  Spring is here, the days are growing longer, and the weather has taken at turn . . . for the better!

Cambria’s shaping up nicely for the season, sort of.  We put most of the jobs that fall into the TLC category (sanding, varnishing, polishing, etc.) on hold, which eases a lot of the pressure.  It’s not that these things don’t need to be done.  They do (man, do they ever!) but we decided to work on them while we’re at anchor (famous last words).  However, there’s been a significant change in the weather over the last couple of weeks and the nice days have started to outnumber the bad ones, so that could change.

David’s been busy working on the headliner and lighting for the galley which meant another trip up to Port Townsend to buy the oak trim; a visit with our friend, Jack, to rip the wood, cut it and route the edges; more planning; measuring and cutting.  But the section along the starboard side is now finished and looks fantastic!  Last year we changed our halogen bulbs out for LEDs and have been disappointed with how dark the galley’s been since then.  But not anymore!  We’re now fully lit and David can finally see those remaining bits of food hiding in the fork tines when he’s doing the dishes.  

The new galley lighting and headliner fix look great!
I’ve been busy as well doing what I do best – organizing.  I arranged a place to store the truck while we’re gone, planned our route for the season, ordered in a Canadian SIM card for the iPhone so we can have better access to the internet this summer, bought and stored most of our provisions, and have been working on securing another sponsor for the website (fingers crossed).  I even managed to put together a little art project in the salon.  But most of my time has been dedicated to Sally.  

Using NOAA printable charts is an easy and inexpensive way to decorate.

You may remember that she had a seizure on the 29th of March . . . well, she had another, much smaller, one on the 31st and it didn’t look like she was going to recover from it.  In fact, she got much worse:  She wouldn’t eat.  She wouldn’t drink much.  She wasn’t very steady on her feet.  She lacked energy.  And she was showing signs of stress.  It was a difficult time, one full of tears, and both David and I agreed that if she didn’t show any signs of improvement within a few days, it was time to call a vet.  And then something wonderful happened.  She started to get better.  It’s been a difficult couple of weeks, but it looks like Sally’s out of the woods and that her health is stabilized (more on that in a later blog).

In the middle of all the drama, we reached a small milestone – our 9th wedding anniversary.  We’d planned to take the boat down to the South Sound for a test cruise and to celebrate, but Sally wasn’t up to the trip so we stayed here and marked the occasion quietly.  The good news is that she’s well enough now that we feel comfortable leaving the marina the first of May – in 18 short days!

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  1. Linda (from SELAH)...hoped to get up to Kingston to see you before you sailed away. Maybe see out on the water when we take our longer sail in July.

    1. We'll be here until the end of the month then we're headed north -- probably the Central Coast again. It'd be great to see you guys again!