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What's Next? The 2014 Cruising Season

Friday, April 11, 2014S.V. CAMBRIA

The map above marks the anchorages we hope to visit along the way this year.  
For the best effect, click the “satellite” button. 

2014 was slated to be our sixth and final season cruising these waters and we saved the best for last . . . Southeast Alaska.  Unfortunately, it's been a difficult winter for Sally the Dog, so we decided to limit our cruising to more familiar areas closer to civilization (and veterinarians).  

We still hope to make it as far north as Prince Rupert, spending some more time along Canada’s Central Coast and exploring an often over-looked area called Gardner Channel.  Rumour has it that this section of British Columbia rivals Southeast Alaska in beauty with the added bonus of no cruise ships!  But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter.  We’re just looking forward to untying our lines and spending some quality time together at anchor – just the three of us – as we accompany Sally on what looks to be her final season. 

This is a difficult time for us.  We always knew Sally couldn’t be with us forever – it’s the nature of the beast, so to speak.  But now that the end is clearly coming, it’s harder than we ever imagined possible.  Most days we feel overwhelmed and question whether or not we’re making the right decisions for her, especially after she has a bad day.  But we’re doing the best we can, and so is she.

Back in December when Sally was at her worst, I didn’t think she was ever going to make it home again.  But she did.  After we came back to the boat in January, I didn’t think she was going to make the cruising season.  But she is.  And now I’m not sure if she’ll ever see her 18th birthday.  But she might.  Now our only goal is to make sure every day she has with us is the best it can possibly be.  Right or wrong, our lives have become centered around Sally and meeting her needs.  It’s not easy.  And it often means giving up things we’d like to do in order to spend time with her . . . the cruising season is no exception.

So while there are dozens of anchorages and places in British Columbia that we’d still like to see, we’re going to have to take each day as it comes and adjust accordingly.  If Sally’s up for it, we’ll hit the places marked on the map.  If not, we’ll stick to less remote areas where we have better access to veterinary care.  Either way, it’s going to be a memorable year.   

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