Hot Springs Sum It Up Sunday

Summing It Up With a Short and Sweet Week!

Monday, September 08, 2014S.V. CAMBRIA

It’s been a while since our last weekly update and I realize that it’s Monday and not actually Sunday, but you have to take access to the internet when you can so here’s a “Sum It Up”  from the 24th of July through the 26th – it may be a short one, but it really was sweet!

After spending an incredible week in Gardner Canal, we reluctantly upped anchor and left Owycumish Bay Thursday morning and got our first weather forecast in as many days – a cold front will be moving through the area.  But we didn’t need Environment Canada to tell us that.  It’s been much cooler lately and we’ve been wearing layers for a week now, so we were really looking forward to our next destination – Weewanie Hot Springs. 

We were all ready for a hot bath to fend off the cold and Weewanie ranks high with Mark Bunzel at Waggoners who told me last year that they were the best springs in the area.  So, we excitedly jumped in the dinghy after dinner and made our way over to the bath house only to be incredibly disappointed – the water wasn’t hot. You could call it warm (at a stretch).  But hot?  Not even close.  Clearly something’s changed, but we have no idea what it is. 

The uninspiring bath house in Weewanie can be difficult to spot along the shoreline.

There wasn’t any reluctance when it came to leaving Weewanie and we dropped our lines Friday morning to ride the current up to Kitimat where we hoped to re-provision.  It’d been a while since our last good shop (Port McNeil) and I was beginning to crave fresh vegetables (David doesn’t suffer from such maladies, but he was ready for a nice bar of chocolate . . . or two). 

We tied up at MK Bay Marina around noon and it was non-stop for the next 24 hours:  David, Sylvia and I took the bus into town to shop while Bill and Skookum stayed behind to do their laundry; I tried to give him ours, but he declined.  Go figure!  So, that meant I had to get up early Saturday morning to empty our hamper while everyone else slept in (okay, so I’m always up early).  But with the laundry out of the way, I was free to walk into the neighbouring First Nation village of Kitmaat with Bill, Sylvia and Skookum to visit with Chief Sammy Robinson, a master carver, while David stayed behind and took a look at our windlass, which has been giving us a few problems. 

Chief Sammy's home in Kitamaat.

We were able to squeeze a lot in during a short period of time, but the best part of our stay had to be when Bill scored a halibut from a local fishing charter company.  For some reason one of their clients didn’t want it and they passed it on, so Sylvia came up with a brilliant idea – fish and chips for dinner.  What she hadn’t planned on was a little Facebook birdie alerting me to the fact that was her birthday.

With our fridges full again, we untied our lines mid-afternoon and bashed our way back up Douglas Channel, stopping by Jesse Falls for a quick look before anchoring in Loretta Island Cove off Devastation Channel.  Little did Sylvia know that while we were under way, I was busy making preparations for her surprise party.  When you have an older dog, sometimes you find it’s necessary to mark their lives with birthday hats and horns so we happened to have a few things aboard from Sally’s celebration last year in the hopes that there would be one for her this season.  Knowing Sylvia wouldn’t mind a few hand-me-downs; I pulled them out, baked a batch of chocolate cupcakes and made her a personalized birthday card. 

Making a quick stop at Jesse Falls in Douglas Channel.

It was close to six o’clock by the time we arrived, so we rafted up for the night to make things easier (and give David some more time to look at our windlass).  When they came over for dinner, we had “Birthday” by the Beatles blasting over the stereo speakers in her honour and the table decorated in birthday regalia.  It took a minute or two for it all to sink in and I think I had to point out the party hats and horns, but the surprise finally hit Sylvia . . . and her reaction was brilliant!

The evening was a huge success.  It wasn’t a big production, but it was a lot of fun and we all really enjoyed ourselves.  At the end of the night, David and I agreed that it couldn’t have possibly gone any better which is great because Sylvia truly is one of the nicest people we know: she’s kind, generous, patient, very good company and deserves only the best. 

The fish and chips, by the way, were outstanding! 

All and all, I’d have to say that it was the perfect end to the day . . . and the week!

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