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Destination: Rescue Bay (Mathieson Channel)

Thursday, October 09, 2014S.V. CAMBRIA

Disclaimer:  This blog article is not to be used for navigation.  It is solely an account of our personal experience and anchor location in Rescue Bay during calm weather conditions.  What worked for us at one particular time is no guarantee or indication that it will work for others.  There are no services in the immediate area and any boat that enters should be self-sufficient.

Approach:        52°31.319’N, 128°16.937’W
Entrance:         52°31.201’N, 128°17.288’W
Anchorage:      52°30.899’N, 128°17.316’W

I’ll be honest.  Rescue Bay isn’t very exciting when it comes to anchorages:  There aren’t any mountains to provide a dramatic backdrop or waterfalls to lull you to sleep.  In fact, it’s fairly ordinary.  But it does offer the best protection along Mathieson Channel, an area with few anchoring opportunities. 

The entrance can look a little tricky on paper: Reefs and shoals extend into the channel from the islets on both sides, but the center has plenty of depth and is free from hazards.  Once inside, the bay has ample swing room for several boats in depths of 8 to 16 metres (26 to 53 feet) with good holding in sand and mud.  The only real concerns are a drying rock in the southeast corner of the anchorage and shoals that extend from the western shore. 

The main attraction of Rescue Bay is its location:  It’s a convenient layover after transiting Percival Narrows and setting yourself up for a trip to (or from) Fiordland Recreational Area.  But it has something else to offer that may go overlooked – close proximity to Jackson Narrows Marine Park.  Located at the southeastern end of Jackson Passage, the park has interesting inter-tidal pools to explore and is a very good spot for kayaking.

Things to Do:

  • Kayak around the anchorage and into Jackson Narrows Marine Park

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