Fury Cove Sum It Up Sunday

Sum It Up Sunday: Leaving the Central Coast

Sunday, November 16, 2014S.V. CAMBRIA

The sunset in Fitz Hugh Sound as seen from the anchorage in Fury Cove.It’s not always smooth sailing when you live-aboard and cruise:  Sometimes it’s the weather that gets you.  Other times it’s a piece of equipment that’s failed.  And sometimes it’s simply you.  This week it was us . . . without a doubt.

The fact that our time along the Central and North Coast has ended is sad for both David and me.  The area is arguably one of the most beautiful places in the world, and we always enjoy the time we spend here – day by day and mile by spectacular mile.  We’ve developed a real affection for the remoteness of the region – the seclusion and the need to be self-reliant.  Leaving that behind is difficult.  Very difficult.  And that’s left us both feeling a little out of sorts.

But the weather window we’d been waiting for to round Cape Caution kept getting pushed back: Thursday became Sunday.  Sunday became Monday.  And Monday started to look more and more like Wednesday, buying us some extra time in the place we love so much.  We spent it wisely.

Kayaks on the midden beach in Fury Cove.

In order to cut 20 miles off the passage that takes us round Cape Caution and down to Blunden Harbour, we moved to Fury Cove on Monday and waited.  By Tuesday, the sky started to clear.  And by Wednesday, the sea state was beginning to die down.  Thursday was going to be the day.

To pass the time, David and I took the kayaks out and paddled beyond the protection of the anchorage to the west side of Fury Island where we discovered one of the most beautiful white sand beaches we’ve ever seen.  We spent hours walking barefoot in the sand in our own private world, leaving us with only one choice – we had to stay an extra day.

So we did.

David on the beach at Fury Island.

Come Friday morning, we upped anchor and made our way into Queen Charlotte Sound and round Cape Caution, finishing the week off in Blunden Harbour:  Our northern adventure was finished for the year.  But Fury Cove had given us a beautiful send-off, reminding us we still have two months before our season is over.  What we do with it, is up to us.

Salubrious sailing Queen Charlotte Sound with a pod of orcas.

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