Alaska the Inside Passage

The Journey Begins

Thursday, April 02, 2015S.V. CAMBRIA

Cambria fuels up before leaving Kingston.
There’s an old Chinese proverb attributed to Lao Tzu that reads, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  That’s so true, especially in a literal journey that will take you three times as far:  But regardless of the distance travelled, everyone has to start somewhere and we’re no different.

Our journey to Alaska began yesterday.

We didn’t get very far, nor did we intend to – only 17 miles up the “road” to a friend’s dock where we’ll spend the next couple of days organizing the boat, watching the weather and waiting for one final package to arrive from UPS. 

But that’s not really what this blog is about. 

To make things a little easier as we embarked on our 3,000+ mile season, David and I took a “divide and conquer” approach.  Because we still need to use our truck before we store it for the next six (possibly seven) months, I drove it to our destination while he sailed Cambria there.  And I have to say, I didn’t like it one bit.

For a couple that’s lived in a small space for the last 14 years, we still manage to have our own lives:  I have my interests.  David has his.  And it’s not unusual for one of us to be off doing our own thing.  In fact, when we’re tied to land, it’s the norm. But when it comes to Cambria, we’ve travelled every mile together with one tiny exception and, yesterday, I was quickly reminded how much I hate being separated from the boat . . . and David.

He might starve to death if I weren’t around, but David doesn’t need my help. He’s perfectly capable of handling Cambria on his own, as am I.  But life’s not about what you can or can’t do.  It’s about the steps you take towards your journey’s end and who you choose to take those steps with.  I chose David years ago.  And then Cambria chose us:  We’re a package deal. 

And so, our journey begins. 

Despite the fact that we have routes planned, we don’t really know where our steps will lead us or the experiences we’ll have along the way.  What we do know is that we’ll take them together, David and I . . . one step at a time.

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From one dock to another, Cambria takes her first step towards Alaska.

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