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Lazy Days and Boat Jobs: Mixing it up in Ocean Falls

Saturday, May 09, 2015S.V. CAMBRIA

We only intended to spend a couple of days in Ocean Falls but found the appeal of being tied up and plugged in too much to resist; before we knew it, two days had turned into four. 

It’s difficult to say what we had to recover from – a week of being pummeled by high winds, two long days on the water listening to the constant drone of the engine, or both.  But we were tired and needed some time to rest up and get some boat work done.

For me, it was a list of mundane chores – paying bills, making reservations for Glacier Bay, sorting the trash so it could be incinerated, washing the deck.  For David, it was the water maker.  When we were in Gorge Harbour a few weeks ago, he attempted to commission it and discovered the high pressure pump wasn’t working.  We have a rebuild kit aboard, so he left the job until we reached Ocean Falls where he could have access to a workshop if he needed it.  But what he was really doing was taking the time to work through the issue in his head before he attacked it.

In the end, the pump didn’t have to be rebuilt.  When he took it apart, everything looked pretty good.  He did think one of the valves was sticking a bit though and discovered that there was a whole set of o-rings that hadn’t been installed.  So, he cleaned it up and added the o-rings and now it works better than ever.  The funny thing is I’ll be surprised if we use it at all this season, but it’s good to know it’s there and working if we need it. 

With the job complete, we said our good-byes and dropped our lines yesterday afternoon, making our way down to Shearwater for the night.  Normally we’re reluctant to leave Ocean Falls, but not this time.  Now that we’re rested up, we’re excited to reach areas we haven’t seen before.  Or maybe we’re just looking forward to soaking in the hot springs in Bishop Bay; it’s a tough call. 

This next section of the Inside Passage will be “dark” – no wifi or cellular signals to keep us connected.  And that’s fine.  We always seem to be more productive without the distraction anyway, or at least I am.  So, the next time you hear from us we’ll be in Prince Rupert, the last Canadian city before the US border.  Technically it’s four or five day away, but we have no idea how long it will take.  That’s up to Mother Nature . . . and us.

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