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Glacier Bay: The End

Monday, November 02, 2015S.V. CAMBRIA

A lot about our personal lives stays in the background of the blog: Who we really are as people. What makes us tick. Along with much of the time, effort, and amount of preparation we put into every passage, every day and every season . . . especially David.

As the captain of Cambria and the one ultimately responsible for the safety of our vessel and crew, he carries a huge weight on his shoulders, one he takes very, very seriously. Regardless of what I do to help ease his load, he continues to carry the burden himself. Not because he doesn’t trust me. He does, wholeheartedly. But because he can’t let go. I accepted this fact a long time ago and I understand where it comes from: His worst nightmare is knocking on my mother’s door one day only to tell her something happened to me on his watch.

I’d love for him to relax a little more, but I can’t change how he feels. I can only go with the flow. The rare occasions the stress falls from his shoulders and the joy of his accomplishments is reflected in his eyes are amongst the happiest times for me – this is his dream, after all, one he’s worked so hard to achieve.

Alaska has given us several of those precious moments, most recently in Glacier Bay.

We were both overwhelmed by our time here, that’s true. Floating off Margerie Glacier at the head of Tarr Inlet, in particular, was a powerful and raw experience for both of us. But David, underneath his businesslike exterior, is a sensitive person. Life affects him in ways he doesn’t often show the world. When he does, it’s a wonderful sight to behold and one of the things I love most about him.

Photographs will remind me of the incredible scenery of this past week. But what I will personally remember about our time in Glacier Bay is the sight of my husband, my heart and soul, standing on the deck of Cambria with tears in his eyes because this world we roam is such a beautiful place. There’s only one word that comes to mind and that’s “priceless”.

Thank you, Glacier Bay.

Note: This blog was written on Friday, 10 July 2015.

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  1. This is simply one of the loveliest blog posts I have ever read. I really hope I get to meet both of you one day. Cheers -Ellen

    1. Thanks, Ellen. It would be really nice for our paths to cross one day. If they do, I won't be surprised. It's such a small world.