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There's More to Us Than Meets the 'I'

Thursday, November 19, 2015S.V. CAMBRIA

David told me once, “You need to find a hobby.” I don’t remember the context of the conversation, but I imagine I was appropriately offended at the time. Still, I took his advice to heart and over the years discovered several things I enjoy doing: knitting, kayaking, hiking, writing and, most recently, sketching.

My interests wax and wane. I love knitting but there are only so many hats, sweaters and scarves one person can own. Kayaking and hiking are my favourite things in the world to do, but the weather doesn’t always cooperate. Writing is a great release but can be a real chore sometimes. And sketching . . .  well, I’m still working on that one.

There’s one interest, though, that has stayed with me for more than thirty years – photography. It’s not something I’m serious about in a “technical” way. I don’t know the inner workings of a camera and have no idea what some of the functions on my digital SLR do (launch nuclear missiles?). But I know what I like and when I see it, I take a picture. Whether it’s the iPhone, a point-and-shoot or my digital SLR, I keep a camera with me most of the time. Why? Because I believe David and I live an interesting life and I have a strong need to document that.

So? What’s that got to do with Cambria and this blog post? Not much but it does have something to do with me.

S.V.Cambria started out as a journal of sorts to let our friends and family know what we’re up to and its main focus has always been the boat and our cruising season, but there’s more to us than sailing or the sailboat we’ve called home for the last 12 years. Besides, writing only about boaty things can get a little . . . well, boring. And, since it’s my blog, I see no reason why I can’t expand the platform a little.

I was reading The Cynical Sailor the other day (great blog, by the way, I highly recommend it!) and she mentioned that “blog hops”  are a good way to be more active in the blogging world and “meet” other people with similar interests. I decided to take a look around for myself and came across this one: Alphabet Photography Project. Every Wednesday (yes, I know I’m a day late) you find a photograph that represents the letter and write a short blog about it. It already started, so I’m jumping in mid-alphabet but I’m looking forward to not only sharing photos from our time on (and off) the water but seeing how other people view the world as well (if I do this correctly, you’ll find links to their blogs at the end of this post). 

I hope you enjoy this little foray into the non-boating world but, have no fear, I think it would be fun to post pictures that have something to do with the cruising lifestyle and sailboats whenever I can. Next week is the letter ‘j’ so I’m already searching for jibs, jetties, jetsam, etc. If you have any suggestions for the remaining alphabet, I’d love to hear them!

Now, without further ado, I give you our first Alphabet Project post:

I is for ice

If you’ve been following our blog, then you know we spent most of the cruising season in Southeast Alaska this year. One of the major highlights of the trip was viewing the tidewater glaciers in Endicott Arm, Tracy Arm and Glacier Bay which is why ‘I’ is for ice.

Here’s a shot of Cambria approaching the most impressive of the glaciers we viewed – Marjorie Glacier in Glacier Bay.


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  1. Your glacier pictures are some of my favorites! I love the idea of showcasing just one picture. That way, you really take some time to look at it. This one is stunning. Can't wait to see the rest of the alphabet. Cheers - Ellen

    1. Honestly, the tidewater glaciers were a highlight of our 15 years living aboard and cruising. The South Pacific was beautiful, that's for sure, but there's something so raw and powerful about ice. It was crazy. As for the rest of the alphabet, I'm stuck on J. I really wanted to use a picture of David after I pulled him out of the water (he fell in fully clothed trying to help me with my kayak) but he assured me he didn't qualify as jetsam. I tend to disagree. ;)

  2. This is a fun idea. If I wasn't 6 months behind is documenting our voyage (we've been back in the US since mid-June), I'd absolutely jump aboard with you on this one. Instead, I'll just be a voyeur and read what you post :) J for "JETSAM" - love it. J is also for "JESSIE", though you don't have photos of me. Ha ha! Hmmm....juggle, jagged, Jervis (as in Jervis Inlet in BC), jacklines, jam, jip, jut, jetty. Hope that helps! ~Jessie

    1. Great suggestions, Jessie! I particularly like the Jervis Inlet one because that was our first fiord up here -- we spent so many great days at Chatterbox Falls swimming and bathing in the waterfalls.