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Alphabet Photography Project | L is for Lighthouse

Wednesday, December 09, 2015S.V. CAMBRIA

Welcome to another installment of the ‘Alphabet Photography Project’ a blog-hop sponsored by PODcast where each week I post a picture that represents a letter of the alphabet and write a short blog about it. This week's letter is 'L' and there were several nautical words to choose from. Once again, I opted for a personal favourite, one that brings up a lot of good memories.

In 2008, David and I harbour-hopped up the west coast of the United States so that we could position ourselves in the Pacific Northwest and cruise the Inside Passage. It was one of the best experiences we’ve had and a unique way to see part of the country – from the giant redwoods in California to the coastal communities that call the shoreline home. Honestly, I’d love to do it all over again.

Of all the things we saw and did along the way, I’d have to say that I enjoyed visiting the lighthouses the most. I love them and can’t seem to get enough. Not only because of the services they provide mariners but also because they’re beautiful and have a story to tell. There are tall ones, skinny ones, manned ones, unmanned ones, haunted ones, imported ones and even famous ones.

My favourite was Yaquina Head Light in Newport, Oregon for a couple of reasons: The view of the coast is amazing and dramatic. But more importantly, visitors are allowed to climb the stairs in the lighthouse tower to see the first order Fresnel lens – a work of art in itself.
So, for those reasons and many more, today L is for Lighthouse!

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