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(Inside) Passage Making

Sunday, February 21, 2016S.V. CAMBRIA

David enjoying the view of one of the many beaches on Fury Island last year.
Shearwater, Fury Cove, Blunden Harbour, Octopus Islands and now Carrington Bay – the last weeks have been a blur of activity . . . and movement.

Things started off on a disappointing note. When we left Shearwater, we had a good forecast in hand and planned to stay a couple of night in Fury Cove – walking on the beaches and generally enjoying life in effort to help make up for a wet and dreary summer. But the forecast changed significantly overnight and we risked being stuck north of Cape Caution for days, weeks possibly, if we didn’t leave. So we did.

From there, we moved down to Blunden Harbour and steadily made our way south – 40, 50, 60 miles at a time – doing our best to get clear of the mess off lows and fronts that were moving over the north and central coasts of British Columbia. We did okay overall and even managed to take a couple of days off to relax in Octopus Islands Marine Park, one of our favourite spots, but the weather is moving south as well and the sun filled days promised in the forecast have yet to transpire. 

That doesn’t mean we haven’t had some good times along the way: We anchored in Rebecca Spit for a couple of nights and buddy-boated with some friends who live in Campbell River, discovering a new anchorage in the process. We spent a few lovely, peaceful days in Von Donop Inlet, which is fast becoming a favourite anchorage of ours. And we returned to Carrington Bay where we’re always sure to find seclusion and privacy. But, for the most part, summer has eluded us.

The season appears to be over here at 50° N, so we’ll be moving further south tomorrow. The truth is, it was probably over a week ago but there was no sign of it in the forecast, just the opposite. It looked like things were going to shape up; the high was moving in again, but it centered too far offshore and we’ve been barraged by cold fronts, troughs and intense lows. To say it’s disappointing is an understatement – we were looking forward to a week of relaxed days in Desolation Sound, Prideaux Haven in particular. But it’s that time of year again – the equinox is upon us.

Note: This blog was written on Sunday, 20 September 2015.

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