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Headlining a Project Part III: The V-Berth

Monday, March 13, 2017S.V. CAMBRIA

The weather in the Pacific Northwest this winter has been grim – wet, windy and cold. Even the days when the sun shines, the north wind has been biting which means we’ve spent a lot of time inside . . . and gotten a few things done below decks. The latest is part of a continuing project – adding LED strip lights to the boat. The lights aren’t solely for ambience; they’re also functional and have been our answer to fixing a sagging headliner. Last week, the v-berth got the treatment.

Here’s the process David went through:

  1. Secure any part of the headliner that is sagging with glue.
  2. Use spacers to line up the location of the backing piece.
  3. Measure, measure and then for good measure, measure again.
  4. Cut the backing piece to size.
  5. Install the backing piece to hold the lights and the trim work.

  6. Add the lighting strips to the backing piece.
  7. Wire the LED lights into the house lights.
  8. Measure, cute, route and varnish the trim work to match what’s on the boat.
  9. Add the trim work.

We’re both really happy with the result . . . and a little surprised. We don’t use the v-berth much and, for us, it’s sort of forgotten space. But the new LEDs highlight how much more to Cambria there really is and add warmth to an area that can feel dark and unwelcoming during the dreary winter weather. 

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  1. Do you guys feel any different doing these projects for the new owners of Cambria, instead of for yourselves? Of course, I realize it is ultimately for yourselves as well still, but how is the mental state?

    1. It's a little bittersweet for me. I've been wanting to take care of some of these projects for a while now and, while I'm glad they're getting done, I wish we would have attacked them sooner for ourselves to enjoy. Mentally though, it's no big deal. Selling Cambria doesn't seem real right now and probably won't until the final days. Of course, that may change once we officially put her on the market but we're really dragging our feet on that one. Lol.