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March by the Numbers

Friday, March 31, 2017S.V. CAMBRIA

You may have noticed that I haven’t written a “Word of the Week” post for a while. That’s because there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about. Winters are generally quiet times for us, and this year’s been no exception. Still, we have accomplished a thing or two that I wanted to share so I’m stealing an idea from Ellen over at The Cynical Sailor and His Salty Sidekick called “Month in Numbers”. It’s a list of random things that have happened over the course of the month . . . by the number. I wish I’d come up with the idea myself but I’m not that clever, so thievery it is! I hope you enjoy it and be sure to take check out some of Ellen’s best monthly posts here

26     The number of days it rained this month. If that sounds grim, trust me, it was. Obviously, we had a few dry days but could only manage to string two of them together in a row.

0      The number of sailboats we’ve sold and/or put on the market. We are working on it, though, and might have something more exciting to report next month.

77     The number of narrowboats for sale online that we’ve looked at. We’re not interested in buying anything before we sell Cambria, but it’s fun to shop around and dream. 

0      The number of green beers we drank in honour of St. Patrick’s Day. We had a few regular ones, though. These days, I stick to boring Coors Light but David’s more adventurous and recommends the Koko Brown from the Kona Brewing Company (Hawaii). 

3      The number of blogs I wrote. I actually posted 10 (including this one) but only the three were new. Why? Because I’m a complete slacker.

9      Trips we made to our storage unit trying to find things we needed but had taken off the boat.  

132   Hours spent at the storage unit looking for things we needed but had taken off the boat. Okay, maybe it was really closer to 9 hours but it felt like more, especially in the cold and rain.

6      Boat jobs completed, probably more. The biggest was adding ambient LED strip lighting to the v-berth. 

8      The number of times I dusted. I don’t know if that’s a lot or not, but I could have easily dusted every day and still had dust to dust which begs the following questions: Where does it all come from? Why are boats so dusty? And am I alone in this struggle?

70+  The number of hours I spent working on a single drawing. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’m making progress.

1      The number of times David pulled out his guitar to have a little fun – he seriously needs to work on improving that number (all work and no play, after all).

And last, but not least:

0      The number of miles we logged on the boat. Zero’s never good but we hope to change that next month with a trip down to the South Sound for the Gray Skies Blues Music Festival in Tacoma and to visit some of the area state parks. 

How was your month? Did you manage to stay warm and dry? Join the conversation below in the comments section or on our Facebook page!

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  1. I'm always impressed by 'numbers' posts, maybe because I can't keep track of things with numbers. I'm just more of a generalist like : number of days it rained this month: every day. No, wait, there were a few sun breaks, but overall, pretty much every stinking day. And the dust? I don't know. We live practically under a bridge, and close to a sawmill. Let's talk about dust some day.

  2. Oh, sorry for two comments, but I forgot to add that we love to look at narrow boats, too. And I'm looking forward to whatever exciting news you have to share! Great!

    1. I think every stinking day feels more accurate than 26 days -- I'm soooooo glad March is behind us!

  3. Wow, 26 days of rain. I guess it's a good prep for England! The narrow boat photo looks absolutely wonderful - homey, space yet small, bright and boaty. Love it! I sweep the entire boat 3 times a day. I spend at least an hour on it. You won't believe the amount of sand a 4 legged fur machine is capable of importing. In Florida when walks were on grass I still swept every day - the three of us somehow manage to really produce a lot of dirt, dust, and hair!
    The V-Berth lighting looks fantastic - what a great idea!

    1. It wasn't quite as much rain as we had one June in Auckland (every single day), but a good start nonetheless (I'm still not sure how David talks me into this stuff!). Ah, yes! I remember the days of daily sweeping, especially when Sally was blowing her coat. I'm the biggest culprit now. My hair is everywhere!

  4. This rain is just TERRIBLE! At least yesterday was beautiful!

    1. It was! And hopefully a sign of things to come.

  5. OMG that is a lot of rain. Yikes. In the past, I complained about the cold and tried to come up with solutions, like "moving" from New England to Northern California this winter. Thing is, we are still cold at times (like today; the wood fire is burning again) and the conclusion is: California is warmer than New England, but not warm enough for our "tropical" bodies. And, having/wearing a lot of clothes is not our thing.

    About that rain... even in this state, it has rained heaps and flooding happened, plus many days were spent inside, not being able to enjoy the weekends in new locations. Recently, though, we had a nice couple of weeks and enjoyed much of it outdoors. Today, it is raining again, so good timing to catch up on emails and blog reading after ten full days with visitors!

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. I know what you mean about layers. I hate them. I've always hated them. Clothes just make me feel claustrophobic and I'm the happiest when I can wear shorts and a tank top (not really into the swimsuit thing)which really makes me wonder how it is David was able to talk me into moving to England -- the clever bugger. Lol.